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      After getting Transverse Myelitis after a routine flu shot in 2014, I found Carol gallagher online. She walked my husband and I through the entire process. She is so knowledgeable, caring and kind. I learned a lot from her, as she walked us through the process and with such compassion. Carol we believe God sent you to us in the most difficult time of our lives, and I would like to tell everyone that they couldn't find a better person to help them in this situation. Thank you with our whole hearts and God Bless.

~C.H. Kentucky 

     Sept 17, 2012, I received the flu vaccination.  A few days later, I began to get ill.This was the beginning of an illness journey that led me to research the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.  I spoke with several attorneys and then found Ms. Gallagher.  When I spoke to her, she had a positive attitude about my vaccine injuries.  After she reviewed my case, she told me she believed in my case and proceeded to represent me.    There was never a time when she could not answer a detailed question for me.  She was thorough in understanding the information I sent her and explaining the court rules.  Her quickness to respond made me feel like my case was important.Her knowledge and guidance through the tough decisions about my case made the process easier on me.  It was Ms. Gallagher’s knowledge and experience with the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program’s Court System that successfully resulted in awarded compensation.

~L.J. Florida

I was completely blessed when I was given Carol’s information.  She was referred to me by another Guillain Barre survivor.  She was always there to answer any question.  She always responded quickly.  She was willing to talk on the phone until I understood whatever I had questions about.  I felt she was right here even though she was hundreds of miles away.  She was never willing to settle and fought so I got the help I needed.  She gave me hope when I felt completely helpless.  And she even came to Kansas to meet me! 


Carol Gallagher assisted me with a claim for a shoulder injury as a result of a flu shot.  I certainly recommend her highly as a competent, proficient, and knowledgeable expert in her field.  She is responsive and accessible, reassuring, and an extremely effective advocate.  She is a pleasure to work with, and I would certainly recommend her. 

~N.R.—New York

If you are in need of a vaccine injury attorney, look no further than Carol Gallagher!  I feel very fortunate to have found and contacted Ms. Gallagher regarding a shoulder injury I sustained as a result of receiving a TDAP vaccination.  When my shoulder pain continued for months on end, along with limited range of motion, even after many doctor visits and Physical Therapy sessions, I began to question and look into why my condition was not improving in relation to having a simple vaccination.  It was then that I learned that what I was experiencing actually had a medical term: SIRVA (shoulder injury related to vaccine administration), and that there we Attorneys that specialize in cases where a person is negatively affected by a vaccination. (There are other situations beyond SIRVA that are compensable.)

Unsure of who to contact, I basically did a google search and the first and only attorney I contacted was Carol Gallagher.  After our initial conversation on the phone, I truly felt there was no need for me to look any further.  I could tell that Ms. Gallagher was a very experienced, knowledgeable attorney who specialized in vaccine cases and knew exactly where I was coming from after I explained to her the circumstances and symptoms of my shoulder injury. She answered all of my questions including what the process of filing a claim entailed, and possible time frames of how long my case could take to be resolved, although bear in mind, each case is unique and dependent upon many variables.  It has been very difficult to have to deal with sustained pain, limited physical mobility, and endless doctor and PT appointments, but Carol has never failed to offer up encouraging words which I truly appreciated.  She has always been available to me either via email or a phone call, and whenever there was something I needed to know about my case, she has always promptly connected with me.  There has never been a time where I didn’t know exactly where we were with my case, and her insight has been invaluable.  Again, I feel truly fortunate and blessed to have found and hired Ms. Gallagher as my representing attorney.  She’s a complete professional whom you can rely on to vigorously pursue a fair end and just resolution to you claim.  If you are in need of a vaccine attorney, I wholeheartedly recommend that you contact Ms. Gallagher.  I know that for myself, I could not have gone through this entire ordeal alone. 

~A.C. - California

Carol has been a great vaccine injury attorney!  She is very knowledgeable and supportive. I am very satisfied with her work and highly recommend her to anyone. 

~E.R. - PA

In 2015 after receiving the flu vaccine and exhibiting symptoms of Guillain Barre syndrome, I contacted Carol to review my medical information.  Throughout the process, she has been very kind, understanding, thorough, and quick to respond to e-mails and phone calls.  Carol is very professional and obviously extremely knowledgeable regarding vaccine injury.  She takes the time to explain proceedings and remains in constant contact with me during the process.  I have complete faith in her. 

~P.B.—New Jersey

My experience with Ms. Gallagher was wonderful.  She is very detail oriented and knowledgeable in her field of practice with vaccine law.  She answered all of my questions and gave sound knowledgeable facts to back up her reasoning and methods for proceeding with my case.  She works hard for her clients to make sure that they get everything that they deserve and she does not settle for anything less!  


After receiving a flu vaccine and having problems with my shoulder, I called Carol and presented her with the facts.  She decided to take my case and was with me every step of the way.  If I needed her to answer questions, she was there at any given time.  I could text her and get answers without having to wait or without calling.  Carol submitted my case and won.  It took some time, but it was worth it.  I would highly recommend Carol Gallagher! 

~D.P.—New Jersey

When I contracted Guillain Barre Syndrome after receiving the flu vaccine, one of my friends, who is a very well-respected lawyer in my state, informed me about the Federal Vaccine Fund.  After consulting with several of his colleagues regarding whom I would contact for legal representation, he provided me with Carol Gallagher’s name.  I contacted Carol and was immediately impressed with her approachability and willingness to listen.  As my court case proceeded, I was soon also impressed with her legal expertise.  Carol handled each step through the court system with the utmost confidence and carefully explained all the legal terminology such that I felt very comfortable with all the decisions that were being made.  The outcome of my case was far beyond my expectations and clearly it was Carol who made this happen.  She never gave up, she never stopped fighting on my behalf, and most importantly, she never stopped caring about me as a person. 

~M.M.—New Jersey

November of 2002 was going to be the start of a new beginning for me and my husband.  He had retired on October 31, 2002 after 32 years with the city fire department and had been chief for the past 16 years.  He was ready for a change, and we were looking forward to a new slower pace, relaxed life!!! That was not to be!!  I received my annual flu shot on October 30th and 12 days later, I suffered with a horrible back ache.  I went to work as usual, but during the night I woke up with both feet asleep and within hours, I lost all feeling from my waist down.  I fell and put a deep gash in my knee and broke 2 toes, but did not feel a thing!! I was in the hospital for nearly a month, and had several doctors and every test imaginable, but no one really knew what was wrong with me.  I was finally diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis (TM) about 2 years later and my doctor believed that the flu shot was what caused me to contract TM.  A friend’s husband told me about Attorney Carol Gallagher and suggested I call her.  I had kept good medical records and decided to call her.  I didn’t have anything to lose, but figured it would not do any good.  Boy was I wrong!!! Carol was very interested and wanted to take my case.  She worked and kept me updated on a regular basis, and many months later, a settlement was reached, which was satisfactory to me.  I am so grateful to Attorney Gallagher for all she has done for me, and I would recommend her services to anyone.  She is a fighter!! I gained a good friend as well as a settlement. 


Carol Gallagher is the best attorney I have ever had the pleasure of working with.  She is very conscientious and business oriented.  She always does whatever she promises to do in a timely manner.  She is also very compassionate and cares about her clients.  Carol is the only attorney that I have ever had who always answers the phone when I call and she patiently takes the time to explain everything I have concerns or questions about.  The way Carol Gallagher has treated me while working on my case has made a very stressful time during my life easier to cope with.  I highly recommend her to anyone who has been injured by a vaccine and I can honestly say that she bends over backwards doing whatever she can to help her clients win their case!  ~C.G.--Georgia

I was injured by the flu vaccine in December 2005.  Four weeks later, I woke up, showered and dressed. Suddenly, I felt a sharp pain in my back.  Within minutes, I was completely paralyzed.  I hired Attorney Carol Gallagher. There was no way I could have gotten through this horrible experience without her firm.  Carol had compassion for me.  She not only worked on my case in the office, she worked weekends and took her work home.  She became family to me.  I was more than happy with my settlement.  It gives me such peace to know that I am financially set.  My heart is so heavy when I hear about stories of people getting injured by a vaccine.  Please do yourself a favor, if you have been injured by a vaccine, do not 

hesitate to call Carol L. Gallagher, Esquire.  You will be more then satisfied.  ~L.S.--New Jersey

Carol, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the exceptional representation you provided in seeking compensation due to the vaccine related illness that I sustained.  When I reached out to you, we were facing a fast-approaching deadline to file the claim.  In spite of the impending deadline, you obtained the information that was required, reviewed the information, came to conclusions and filed the claim on a timely basis.  During the subsequent course of events, you provided ongoing status reports of what was taking place.  Never once did I feel uncomfortable speaking with you nor did I feel that you were too busy to take the time to answer all of our questions.  Your efforts on my behalf resulted in a satisfactory conclusion.  Thanks to you, the award granted to me will provide the equipment and total care that I will require for the rest of my life.  In summary, “job well done!” Thank you.  

~E.C.--New Hampshire

I thank God for Attorney Carol Gallagher.  When I met with Attorney Gallagher, she was very attentive and empathetic about my son’s vaccine related injury.  We worked together to document the chronology.  Attorney Gallagher took care of the rest.  She advocated for us and helped with getting a settlement quickly with no money out of my pocket.  If you are in need of someone to listen and fight for you, I recommend Attorney Carol Gallagher.  ~E.H. -NJ

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